9/21/2005 CBS Channel 2 News

cbsThe media business is one of constant change and growth. Also, it is a business that requires the latest technological upgrades and state-of-the-art facilities to remain competitive with other media conglomerates. CBS Channel 2 in Los Angeles is one such media outlet seeing change. Because of the merging of various entertainment departments, CBS Channel 2 needed to update its facilities.

The multiphase, fast-track remodel encompassed several areas including various studios, active newsrooms, a radio sales area, a television sales area, a special assignment area, an assignment desk area, a make-up area, several floors of marketing space, editing bays, executive offices, management offices, storage areas, corridors and handicap lifts and ramps. The project also included demolition and rebuilding of news, radio telecast and equipment rooms as well as new finishes and new wall configurations to meet CBS Channel 2's needs.

Although most of its audience will never see or perhaps even know about the updated studios, anyone who watches or listens to CBS channel 2 will benefit form this project. The new work environments provide a more conducive atmosphere for optimal television and radio production.

The project's major challenge was completing the renovations while keeping disruptions to ongoing operations to a minimum. "We coordinated work with the department managers for smooth transitions from preconstruction, construction and reoccupancy," said Mike McCormick, president of McCormick Construction Company, the project's general contractor. "The 'control budget' is established as soon as we become involved in the project," said McCormick. "This budget serves as the basis of tracking the project cost throughout the design phase."

According to McCormick, the project team included many members who had worked on similar projects and were able to apply their skills to this challenging and successful project. The state-of-the-art CBS Channel 2 Remodel sets an example for other studios and is an achievement each member of the team can be proud of.


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